A special place


The place will inshaAllah become an Islamic boarding school.

How to reach us

There is public transport from Gorontalo right to our place (anything which goes to Molibagu or Pinolosian) like the Damri Bus (which leaves from the Dumingi terminal close to H&M Homestay in Telaga) around 8.00 am. There are several blue "microlets", leaving from 8.00 am from Talumolo, and some which leave at the harbour where the ferries to the Togians arrive. When one arrives in the morning, one can ask for a shared car which leaves to Molibagu or Pinolosian. Should there be none available, one can just stand outside the ferry terminal at the road and wait for public transport to pass by. There are also shared cars which can come to your hotel and pick you up at noon (please contact us a bit in advance). All these transportations are less than Rp. 100,000. Get off between Biniha and Tangagah, there is a sign at the road.

From Manado you have to go to Kotamobagu first, then via Molibagu another 17 km direction Gorontalo. You can either take the Damri bus from the bus station Malalayang directly to Molibagu (usually leaves at 9.00 am and costs Rp. 50,000). From Molibagu take an "ojek" (motorbike taxi) for the last 17 km to our place (around Rp. 20,000).

Or take a "travel" (shared car) like "Kotajaya" or "Paris" to Kotamobagu first (around 80,000). From the terminal leave blue minibusses (microlet) going to Biniha, leaving usually between 14.00 and 15.00 pm (Rp. 35,000).

We can also send a car to pick you up. (Rp. 900,000 Manado or Gorontalo)

You will see, it is worth the effort.